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St. Timothy Active Retired Seniors (STARS)

St. Timothy's has an active group of Seniors who meet on the 2nd Thursday of each month. They begin with the 9 AM Mass in church, followed by the rosary, and then gather in Room 224 for a business meeting, special event, and lunch. The S.T.A.R.S. organization purpose is fourfold: spiritual, social, educational, and service. Once a year the S.T.A.R.S. sponsor a Senior Retreat for all interested parishioners.

Contact: Johanna Scanlan

STARS is a group of people that are over 55 that meet on a monthly basis for prayer and fellowship. We welcome you to join us for one of our gatherings and decide for yourself if you would like to be a STAR.

We meet generally on the second Thursday of the month. We start with Mass at 9 a.m. This Mass is ministered by the members of STARS and we follow Mass with a Rosary. After our prayer time we go over to the Pastoral Center and gather for a short time of socializing and to take care of any business of the group. Entertainment follows from one of a multitude of outside singers, storytellers, or educational professionals to enliven our time together. We close with a luncheon together for a small fee of five dollars.

If you would like to join us we have a yearly fee of $10.00 that you can pay at one of our meetings or you can contact Johanna Scanlan, staff contact for STARS, at the Parish Office.