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St. Timothy started with several tracts of land and celebrating Mass in the Public School in 1943. Fundraisers abounded in the early years and the first basement Church was constructed at the corner of 10 and 65 in 1944. Fr. Timothy O'connell was the first pastor here and in the mission parish of St. Patrick's in Cedar. This area quickly transformed from farm ground, to ex-urban, and quickly became suburban through the fifties and into the sixties with their new pastor Fr. Weiers.

In 1953 the current property was bought with the corner house, becoming initially a rectory and over the years growing into a convent. This house was recently demolished that stood on the corner of 89th and Jackson.

Planning for the new construction of a school was almost immediate as the burgeoning population was filling all of the area.

Once built, Masses were initially held in the basement of the school and then moved to the gymnasium once it was built in 1959.

Almost immediately in 1963 funds were raised for the new Church, and planning throughout 1965 planning and designing were in place for the new Church.

We are still in the 1965 structure, but it has been remodeled several times on the interior and most recently some new sidewalks and renewed bell tower and of course new parking lot were put in in 2013. Renewing our vigor for the 21st century.